Learn to read Qur'an with proper pronunciation and tajweed with certified Qur'an teachers. Memorization to follow.


Tuesday - English, Homework help and Islamic Studies

Wednesday - Math, Homework help and Islamic Studies

Course fee:  $60.00/child/month, $50.00/per child/month - for three or more children.

For more info, please call Br Mahmoud or email us at, with subject line: Weekdays Qur'an

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Learning The Language of the Qur'an  - REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.



The details of this program are as follows:



1.  Class starts lateNovember, 2019.

2. Students must attend weekly 120 minute class on Saturdays between 10 AM and 12 NOON.

3. Students will learn grammar, vocabulary and practice these concepts with 50 verses of Quranic text, Ahaadith, Salat and Dua

4. Students should be able to read Quranic Arabic with comfort.  Speed is not important

    Students should be able to write basic Arabic or be willing to work on a class ON SUNDAYs to learn writing Arabic

5. You should be able to understand English language as that is the medium of communication in the class

Fee: $60/ month.   (All proceeds of this course will be for the benefit of Al-Amaan Center)

Complimentary Community Tutoring Program for Math and English



Allah has created us to act as His viceregent on earth. A vicegerent - a role model - a global leader. As Muslims, it is our responsibility to work toward being that perfect role-model in all different aspects of our lives. Therefore, Al-Amaan Center is investing in programs to develop the leadership of our youth in the field of education.

Al-Amaan Center is pleased to announce a Pilot Community Tutoring program starting in the middle of March. The pilot program will focus on the tutoring of Mathematics and English for Elementary/Middle school students.


Our goal is to eventually extend this service so that it is accessible and free of charge to anyone up until college, and beyond, inshaa Allah. If you are interested in being a part of this program, please click below.



May Allah reward you for visiting the site and spreading the message.

Welcome to Al-Amaan Center! Pray. Celebr