An invite to a special preview.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

We are so excited to share our future Al-Amaan Center. We are still working hard and continuing to ask for your donation to reach the $1 million closing cost by September 5, 2016.

We are granted permission by the building owners to invite our community members to a special preview and guided tour of the building ahead of the sale's closing, alhamdullilah!

Come see our future location, take part in a guided tour, join our first on-site congregational prayer, learn more and participate how you can share in making this space truly our own. Know more about our many activities and plans.


7:00 pm - Welcom & Tours

8:15 pm - Break for Maghrib Prayer

8:30 pm - Opening

8:40 pm - Keynote: "Reviving the role of the Masjid in Building Guided Communities"

9:45 pm - Isha Prayer

10:00 pm - Duaa & Close

A message from Sh Jamel,

"Come celebrate together one of the greatest legacies of our beloved Prophet (pbuh): reviving the true mission for which the Masjid was established. It is a mission Al-Amaan Center vows to work hard to implement – to cleanse and unite hearts, work on having the community reach the rank of the guided guides, educate in order to elevate the spirit of goodness to excellence, and focus on the youth being ambassadors of peace for today and tomorrow. Of course the concrete revival of such a mission requires the next step – acquiring a new location!

O, Allah! We, your humble servants, implore You in humility, calling upon the greatest of your beautiful names, to please give us from your bounties and open for us the gates of your Mercy!"

- Sh Jamel Ben Ameur


Please note that the guided tours will only be available from 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM, so be sure to arrive on time!

Babysitting will provided by Al-Amaan Kidz Club!

InshaAllah we will see you and your loved ones on Friday August 26th.

5620 Smetana Dr, Minnetonka, 55343, click here for direction.

For more information and updates, please check our site often. Keep on supporting our fundraising project. Together, we can reach our $1million goal.

Ready to donate? click here.

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