Summer Program 2018: College Prep Seminar

Register for this informative and helpful course for those who are going to college this coming school year. This will be conducted by Br Muneeb during a weekend in July:

Saturday - Sunday

July 14 -15, 2018

Course fee: $60/student

Applying to College: Weekend Accelerated Course

This course will be a 10-hour weekend course covering college admissions process, understanding the components of the application, financial aid, scholarships and beyond. You will learn the essentials of how to prepare and set yourself up for success whether you are preparing to apply to colleges in the upcoming cycle or are a rising freshman.

Your takeaways from the class will be a completed application draft, written draft of the essay and personalized goal sheets to better help you prepare.

Syllabus will be as follows:

Day 1

9-10: What is the college admissions process?

10-11: Digging through the Common Application

11-12: Importance of GPA, courses, test scores

12-1: Zuhr break and lunch

1-2: Activities and recommendations

2-3: Essay overview, ideas and advice

Day 2

9-10: Creating a good application module

10-11: Students will create a draft application

11-12: Students will write a draft essay

12-1: Zuhr break and lunch

1-2: Students will draft goals sheet and gameplan for road to college with individual advice from instructor

2-3: Financial aid and scholarships overview

To register, please click here>

If you need more info, please contact Br. Muneeb at 586.383.1993 or by email:

May this program be a fruitful one for all our students, inshaa Allah!

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