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October 20: New IUMN Class at Al-Amaan Center

We invite all to join Sh Jamel in his next IUMN Class presentation, entitled "The Divine Laws of Prosperity and Success, An Insightful Study on The Life of the Prophet, PBUH (The Madani Period)."

This will be a 5-week class starting October 20, 2019, every Sunday, from 4-9pm, and will be held at Al-Amaan Center.

Principal Themes:

1. The foundations of building a community united and devoted.

2. In depth study of the battles of the prophet, pbuh; their impact on the cleansing of the souls and purification of the society.

3. Study of the coherent development of the society and implementation of the jurisprudence.

Register online, please click here>

For directions, please click here>

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