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“What makes up a masjid is not the location, but the beautiful hearts filled with love for Allah (SWT) of every man, woman, and child.".” 


—  Aisha Dem, Hopkins Highschool Student

We owe Allah swt our utmost gratitude, for He has blessed us with an incredible, beautiful, richly diverse community. We have steadily grown and strengthened over the years, successfully established opportunities for learning, da’wah, education, spiritual development, socializing as a community and bonding as families.

Our community is like a patchwork quilt,with various cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic backgrounds, sewn together with the threads of mutual affection and respect onto a foundation of the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and the love of Allah swt and His Prophet saw.

Our community has spent decades on the establishment and maintenance of the community and our Muslim identity. Through the grace of Allah swt we have established programming that enriches community members of all ages. The challenge we now face is in further developing and growing our community, inspiring a love of learning, confidence in our identity, and a desire to continue da’wah work, with the Masjid and community firmly anchored in the heart.

To this end, we came together to form Al-Amaan Center, a sanctuary, as reflected in its name: rooted in the Qur’an and Sunnah, anchored in the community, pivoting towards the future. A Center for all generations of Muslims- be they immigrants, refugees, baby-boomers, generation x-ers, millennials, and those yet to come. A Center where all are welcomed and served as the guests of Allah swt.


To elevate the spirit of goodness to excellence.

To offer a balanced perspective of building based on the teachings of the Quran and

the Sunnah and consistent with the changes occurring in the world around us.

The name Al-Amaan was chosen because it evokes peace, safety, serenity, tranquility. Guided by ayah 125 of surat al-Baqara, “Remember We made the House a place of assembly for mankind and a place of safety,” we have obligated on ourselves the mission to:

Welcome and Serve all the guests of Allah and develop and maintain, in the House of Allah, an environment of peace, safety, and tranquility

This Center will inshaa Allah provide essential services to the community. Not only will this be a place of worship, but a center for education, for people of all ages. We aim to provide a solid foundation for our children, and continued, lifelong guidance, inshaa Allah, through weekend and summer school, an after-school program, and regular halaqas and other programs.

Furthermore, we are committed to equality in facilities, and equity in access to knowledge and resources. Imagine a Center designed with your needs in mind - a Center for you. 

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