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"Have you ever wanted to hear first-hand from Muslims about the deeply held tenets and daily practice of Islam? 
While we live in an era of quick sound bites, taking a bit of time to dig deeper can be illuminating. 
Please be our guests for an informative talk, plenty of time for questions, the chance to experience congregational prayer, a tour of our worship space, and a meal with friends."

The Islamic Etiquette of visiting a Mosque:

Since the Center is a place of worship, we ask our visitors to kindly observe the following etiquette to ensure the most comfortable experience: 

- Ladies should dress modestly and should cover their hair with a scarf. 

- Shoes should be removed before entering the prayer halls because we put our faces down on the ground when praying.

- When greeting, men and women in the Islamic faith do not shake hands between opposite genders as a sign of respect.


Thank you in advance for your understanding!

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