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Sh Jamel - Imam and Khatib of Al-Amaan C

Sheikh Jamel Ben Ameur is the Imam and Khatib of Al-Amaan Center for Worship and Education in the Twin Cities area, a lecturer at the Islamic University of Minnesota, and a member of the Islamic Jurisprudence Council of Minnesota.


He pursued a traditional Islamic education, studying  
Islamic law and Quran sciences for several years at the hands of scholars in Tunisia and the United States. He is licensed in various fields of Islamic studies.

He holds Ijaza of the Quran in different Qiraat as well as a Doctorate in Islamic Studies (PhD). His thesis work focused on an analytic study of believers' moral conduct and relationship with the Divine, extracted from the beginning of Surat Al Hujurat.


As a religious leader, Sheikh Jamel Ben Ameur has worked in community enrichment for more than a decade. In this role, he has developed programs for youth and adults that incorporate a dynamic Islamic vision – one that combines spirit, mind, and action during the challenges of the world today.


He also obtained a Master of Science degree in Business Management from Sorbonne University in Paris, France and diplomas of advanced graduate studies in international trade law and economics from the University of Tunis.


His interests include the practice of traditional Karate and Kendo, the art of Japanese sword-fencing‎.

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