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Gardens of Knowledge Halaqa: Bulugh Al-Maram

Tuesday Halaqa after Maghrib Salah,
Commentary on the book: Bulugh Al-Maram by Al-Hafidh Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani  
(Ahadith related to Islamic Rulings) 

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Gardens of Knowledge Halaqa: The Community's Righteousness is in Developing High Spirits

Now that our Wasaya series has been concluded, we will now learn inshaaAllah, how a community's righteousness is tied to developing a zeal for achieving high objectives. Wednesday after Maghrib Salah

Gardens of Knowledge Halaqa: Ethics and Conduct in the Healing the Soul

We have concluded our lectures on the lives of the Prophets (pbut). InshaaAllah we will now study Ibn Hazm’s Book of Ethics and Conduct in the Healing of the Soul.
We started this book in our annual Dawra and it had a great impact on the attendees.
Please join us as we study the teachings in further detail. Friday after Maghrib Salah

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Sisters Halaqa 2021.png

Sisters' Halaqa

Saturday, Bi-weekly, 2:00 pm

Study of the book Madaarij As-Salikeen

Continuing the study of strengthening willpower to defeat heedlessness on the quest to purify the soul.

Daily Fajr Khatira: Alerting the Heedless

Study of the Book Tanbeeh Al-Gaafileen (Alerting the Heedless)
by Imam Abi Al-Layth Al-Samarqandi

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