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Aisha Dem, Hopkins High School Student:

"Ahh, Al-Amaan Center. It deserves more the 5 starts I rated it with. I can go on and on about this masjid for forever and never get tired, but I'll try to summarize it for this review. This Masjid is truly my favorite place to be. And when I say place, I don't mean location, but the hearts of the members of our community. I've been attending the Masjid for the majority of my life, and I don't know who I'd be without being part of this lovely community. I love everything about it. I love attending Jummah Prayer when school is closed on Fridays. I love going there for Ramadan. And I loved going there for my Saturday Islamic Classes. But what I love the most is the power of this beloved masjid. Especially on Ramadan. I have many things I enjoy about Ramadan. I enjoy fasting because I can relate to the hungry and the poor and reflect on how blessed and fortunate I am. I enjoy Taraweh and Tahajood because every time I stand in the long prayers while following along with the Sheik using my Kitab, I feel a many emotions. I feel bliss when I am reading the Quran while I'm praying, happiness when I close the Kitab before every Ruku. And I feel satisfaction after every night, for I am closer to completing the Quran. But the thing I enjoy the most in Ramadan is the very last prayer. Witr combined with the Duaa. I love praying it at the Masjid. I can feel the power of our community strengthening every night when we all murmur our Amens and Ya Allahs together quietly, and yet, our voices echo because there are so many of us. I can feel the hearts of every individual connect when the Sheik concludes the Duaa and we all make a powerful Sujood together. At that point, it seems like you can hear a penny drop. The kids in the back are still and quiet, as if they can feel every individual's love for this community too. And as I conclude this Review, I'd like to finally say. What makes up a masjid is not the location, but the beautiful hearts filled with love for Allah (SWT) of every man, woman, and child."

Amineh Safi, Master's in Public Policy - Humphrey School of Public Affairs

"When people ask me where do I want to pray my Taraweeh, I immediately say Masjid Al Amaan, no doubt. So I apologize in advance cause this is going to be a long one. :) I have experienced Ramadan in other Masajid. It isn't to say those Masajid aren't as organized or friendly, but what distinguishes Masjid Al Amaan for me is that it has heart. You feel the love for one another upon entering there. Whether people know you or not, they love you for simply being someone who wants to come to the Masjid and be closer to Allah S.w. t. 

Additionally, this is the least cliquey and hierarchical Masjid I have been to in my 13 years here. We have inter-cultural friends who ask about one another and emphasize their Muslim identity above all of their other attributes in friendships. As a youth, I feel respected and heard. I have seen the Sheikh and leadership implement advice about programing that I gave. How empowering and rare is that? AlhamdoliLah, barakAllahu lana. (No evil eye please! ;) ). And what would the Masjid be without the lovely, dedicated, and caring people that help run the programs and maintain the Masjid? They are people I look up to, respect, and have taught me how to love for the sake of Allah. I am immensely blessed to know them and call them my friends. BarakAllah feekom and I pray Allah blesses me to continue your friendship in Jennah inshAllah, ameen. <3

Finally, Sheikh Jamel. I love all Sheiukh for helping me get closer to Allah by teaching me about Islam and my Creator, but honestly the emphasis of the heart that Sheikh Jamel brings is what makes him irreplaceable to me, Allahuma baraik feeh. Islam doesn't become about your money, external religious appearance or anything people can judge you by. He never bashes people or makes them feel horrible for being at whatever state they are. He gives you hope and inspires you to improve out of the love and gratitude you have for Allah. Another thing that makes him special to me is that in speaking about matters of the heart, his khutbas and halaqas are always relevant, deep and engaging. What seem to be like overwhelming problems that leave you feeling helpless, he can re-empower you by reminding you that as long as you have a healthy heart, you are successful and loved by of Allah.

For all these reasons and more, nothing will ever replace the special spot this Masjid and it's people have in my heart. Allahuma baraik wa zeed, ameen."

Mahir Musani, Student Admissions Counselor, -Mishkar University

Subhan Allah I just have to share as the feeling is fresh..
I was with one of the most beautiful communities here in MN, dare I say in the whole of America,  yesterday night/early morning today.
And it was just so spectacular to see their community come together  and volunteer at such level to make the nights special for all the guests. Plus the experience of the Salah, Dua and even the Khatirah in the middle.
I've always been so jealous of them as I couldn't move closer to them.
AlAmaan Center really takes  the Ramadan boost and multiplies it whether you are a guest or a volunteer mA.
May Allah accept from them and reward them with the best in this Dunya and in the Akhirah!

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