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Vision: Reviving the Legacy, Enlightening the Spirit, Reaffirming the Roots and Purifying the Path

Study: 3 semesters of Islamic Studies - Aqeedah, Quran and Sunnah Sciences, Fiqh and Dawa 

For youth (16+ years old) 
Beginning January 28, 2023
Certificate of Islamic Studies granted upon completion.

   -    Build a solid ground of Islamic identity
   -    Have a comprehensive understanding of the Islamic way of life
   -    Gain a dynamic spirit seeking excellence in this life and success in the Hereafter
   -    Earn credits toward study at the Islamic University of MN for those seeking more advanced studies in Islamic Sciences.

Semester 1 Topics:
   -    Creed 1
   -     Introduction to the Sciences of the Quran
   -    Fiqh of Worship 1
   -    Seerah (Life of the Prophet, pbuh) 1 and 2
   -    Study of The Characteristics of Islam and its Systems

To register: Please fill the form below.

Sponsors available for those who qualify.

Please contact Br Kashan for more info: 9522273214

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