Childcare services

Great news for parents! We  have now our Kidz Club. Read about it here.

Great news for our parents! Alhamdulillah starting tonight we will be offering fully supervised care for your little ones during isha/taraweeh services.

All children ages 3-8 are welcome inshaa Allah! Bring along a snack and a water bottle for your child, and enjoy your taraweeh with khushou', knowing that your little ones are well taken care of and enjoying an Islamic themed program.

All donations are welcome, but a nominal fee of $3 per hour would do much to offset the costs of this program inshaa Allah. Please bring your kids to the office space in the back of Champions Hall before Isha to register them with the Kidz Club isa.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan and hope to see you and your entire family every night at taraweeh!

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