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Thank you for making the unveiling of Al-Amaan Center's future location a success!

While feeling like a community without a home can be a bit challenging, the recent unveiling of Al-Amaan Center’s future location warmed our hearts. Thank you for the strong turnout and outpouring of support! We were pleased to see so many sisters and brothers from all over the Twin Cities. We thank Minnetonka Mayor Terry Schneider, every attendee and volunteer for taking time from their busy schedules to make our event a success. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Every step along this path has been a vibrant reminder of the mercy and help of Allah. As Shaykh Jamel Ben Ameur recently eloquently stated: “O, Allah! We, your humble servants, implore You in humility, calling upon the greatest of your beautiful names, to please give us from your bounties and open for us the gates of your Mercy!”

All praise and thanks are due to Allah; inshaa Allah His help is near, and we will pray all together again in our new home. Please continue to contribute what you can to this cause.We are almost there. Keep on believing and supporting our fundraising project. To donate, please click here.

For more pictures of the Al-Amaan Center unveiling, please click here.

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Umrah Dec 2021
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