Starting Friday, September 30, our Jumuah will now be at Golden Triangle.

We say goodbye to Champion's Field and the many Jumuah, Eid and memorable moments we have celebrated there, Alhamdullilah! As our new temporary home provides us with more space for our community, starting this Friday, September 30, 2016, our Jumuah will be now be at 7615 Golden Triangle in Eden Prairie. Our daily prayers and Jumuah are now all in one great space, one great location until we finally close the purchase of our, Inshaa Allah, our permanent home.

As we pray and hold our Jumuah, kindly adhere to our parking rules as directed by our dedicated parking volunteers. Also, let us show our neighbors that we are respectful of them and their property, including their parking lots.

***Important Parking Information*** Please follow the directions of the volunteers and park ONLY in the designated areas. This includes: ~150 spots in the lot, street parking on both sides of 76th (that are not labeled "No Parking").

DO NOT PARK at the neighboring businesses. This has not been authorized and we would be trespassing on their property.

For directions to Golden Triangle for our Jumuah (and our daily prayers), please click here.

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