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We have TWO DAYS LEFT to "Race to $1M!"

As we hit the final stretch of our fundraising efforts, we can’t help but look back and be amazed how each and everyone of you was called and answered wholeheartedly to the best that you can so we can make our 'RACE to $1M' a success.

We are humbled, honored and blessed by your prayers, love, warmth and unwavering support to Al-Amaan Center. Alhamdullilah, in a short period of time, three months to be exact, together, we have raised almost $1million! This is amazing, even a miraculous bounty, that has been bestowed on our community, Alhamdullilah!

We have now witnessed that as one and guided by Allah, we can overcome, and reach new heights that we have never scaled before. We can surmount obstacles that has been thrown our way and come out stronger than ever - all for the dream of building the House of Allah our community truly deserves. For now and for years to come.

The last stretch is sometimes the hardest. When we have scraped the bottom of our pockets, shook and turned everything inside out to get the last penny. We are close. Let’s make the most of the last two days for our “Race to $1M” project. To be exact, we are still $60,000.00 short to our destination…so can you please help us in whatever way you can? Every single contribution, no matter how small, will help us in this final push to secure our permanent home for the Al-Amaan community.

We are calling on everyone, inshaa Allah, to knock on every door. Put our hearts, hands and heads together one last time and shell out the remaining balance of our most amazing project by far.

Let’s continue making duaa, keep praying for renewed strength as we draw to a close in this miraculous journey. Let’s make our ranks tighter and the flames of our love for Allah, burn so brightly. Now more than ever. Together, let’s close the gap and realize a dream we have worked hard all this time.

Let’s keep our faith strong; that Allah will prevail. Allah will provide and his mercy will be on everyone who still hold hands with us, who keeps on sharing our dreams and goals. This is our last call. Our last stand.

Inshaa Allah, together, let’s make this happen!

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Umrah Dec 2021
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