Sh Jamel goes to Dallas!

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Do you know anyone in Irving, TX? Sh Jamel will be traveling to Irving, Texas as part of Al-Amaan Center's goodwill program to continue and share the knowledge and spread the message of Allah (SWT) beyond our community. He will be delivering a series of lectures and additionally, an intensive schedule of talks from Fajr to Isha ahs been lined up.


Day 1 of this special goodwill trip was awesome! Please see some snapshots of the Khutba Sh. Jamel gave the Irving Islamic community last Friday, October 7, 2016. Click here to view it in our image gallery. >

For a video clip of the khutba, head over to our Facebook page, click here. >


Please invite friends and family in Irving, Texas about this. The program of events are as follows:

October 7, Friday:


Lecture after Maghrib

Khatira after ishaa

October 8, Saturday:

Khatira after Ishaa

Khatira after Fajr

Meeting with Youth after Dhuhr

Lecture after Maghrib

October 9, Sunday:

Khatira after Fajr prayer with Community Breakfast.


Islamic Center of Irving

2555 Esters Rd, Irving, TX 75062

Directions, please click here>

For more information, please visit the Islamic Center of Irving website:

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