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Join us for a very special Youth Halaqa

Join this special evening with Dr. AbdulRaheem Bello, for directions to Al-Amaan Center, click here.

Please join us on October 28th, Friday after Maghrib, as our special guest speaker from Houston, Dr. AbdulRaheem Bello shares his journey in achieving excellence (Ihsan) in Aerospace Engineering. You will have plenty of time to ask questions.

A short biography of our guest speaker:

Dr. AbdulRaheem Bello was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He was inspired to study astronomy from gazing at the night sky, and aspired to become an astronaut. In February 2006, he moved to the U.S. and resumed at Westbury High School in Houston in the 9th grade. He graduated in spring 2008, and enrolled in college at University of Texas at Austin. At UT Austin, Dr. Bello worked in the magnetism and superconductivity group for 2 years studying “Thermal conductivity due to magnum heat transport.” He graduated from UT Austin in spring 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Astronomy and a Bachelor of Science in Physics with honors. He enrolled at University of Texas at Arlington in Fall 2012, and conducted research at the Aerodynamics Research Center (ARC). He later earned a Master’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering in December 2012. Dr. Bello began his PhD program in Spring 2013, and later graduated in Spring 2016 with a dissertation titled “Exergy Analysis of a Pulse Detonation Engine Linear Power Generator”. Through his tech startup Afthon, Dr. Bello is commercializing detonation engine technologies in order to help enable a world of abundance.

Insha Allah we will see you on:

28 October 2016, after Maghrib

at 7615 Golden Triangle, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

For directions, click here>

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