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Jumuah in Ramadan Announcement

We are pleased to announce that starting the first Friday in Ramadan, we will have two Jumuah khutbas, one at 12:00 pm that will be in Arabic only and then our usual khutba at 1:15 pm that will be in English. Both will be conducted by Sh. Jamel Ben Ameur inshaAllah.

The Arabic khutba will inshaAllah strengthen the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness at Al-Amaan Center. It will be serving the native Arabic speaker and many of our community who prefer to attend Arabic lectures.

It will also serve those in our community who adhere to the Hanafi Madhab as an Arabic khutba is a requirement in the Hanafi school of thought.

We also want to be mindful of our neighbors and not have any overflow parking at neighboring businesses or walking on their property.

May Allah (swt) bless you for helping us maintain a strong reputation of mutual respect with our neighbors.

Jazakum Allahu Khaira!

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Umrah Dec 2021
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