Join our newest program: Parenting Course

Child rearing can be one of the biggest challenges faced in life. Join this 12-week course, taught by certified community mediator Mohamed Duale, to delve into several topics pertinent to raising children in our current environment and times. Topics covered will include: parental engagement in general and at school, knowing about our children as a safety measure, acceptable discipline measures, fostering beneficial role models, and helping children navigate multiple cultures to build a solid identity.

Please sign up for this important program, starting July 30, 2017. This will be a 1 1/2 - 2 hour course that will run for 12 weeks. Course fee is $150.00. Please bring your full payment on the first day of class. Portions of this fee will be donated to Al-Amaan Center to fund its several projects and activities. To find more about this course, please contact Br. Mohamed Duale at

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