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Darwinism: a cult or science? With Sh Jamel Ben Ameur

Join us this Saturday for the next Youth Islamic Club presentation with Sh Jamel Ben Ameur

"Darwinism: a cult or science?" - Documentary & Discussion 10/7/17 after Maghrib till Isha with Sh. Jamel Ben Ameur

Join us as we watch and discuss a documentary examining how people mentioning just the idea that Darwin was incorrect in his ideas of evolution are paying heavy prices for truly thinking outside the academic box.

It has been proven that evolution and natural selection can only have an effect on what already exists. But really, how did it get there? This film helps expose the establishment that hangs over like a wraith those choosing the "heresy" of free thought. We will also have a separate fun-filled and educational session for our younger youth with some of our Tawqa Development Program coordinators, InshaAllah.

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Umrah Dec 2021
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