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YIC Documentary and Discussion, Saturday November 11, 2017

Join us this Saturday for another YIC Presentation, "Understanding the Roots of Hopelessness in Modern Society."

Don't miss the YIC (Youth Islamic Club) presentation of "Understanding the Roots of Hopelessness in Modern Society" with Sheikh Jamel Ben Ameur. This event will be discussing about "GREED" (Chapter 1) and a documentary will be shown, "Greed - A Fatal Desire."

Join us to explore the heart of self and societal destruction - the causes that can lead to drug addiction, mental illnesses and moral decay. By studying these issues, we will learn now to protect ourselves from falling into hopelessness. Please be there this:

Saturday, November 11, 2017

after Isha, 7:00pm. There will be a parallel program for younger kids, inshaAllah.

For directions to Al-Amaan Center, please click here>

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