Fairview Health Services: Understanding Preventative Healthcare

Al-Amaan Center partners with Fairview Health Services to bring you this informative presentation!

“Why should I go to the doctor when I am not sick?” "What is an annual physical and who is it for?" "What screening tests are recommended for children, women and men?" "Why is preventative care important"

If you would like to know the answers to these and any other questions, please join our second presentation with Fairview to help us be more conscious of our health in order for our bodies to thrive, so that we may nurture the beautiful amana given to us by Allah (swt).

See you at Al-Amaan Center inshaAllah

Saturday,March 31, 2018 after Maghrib @ 7:45pm Everybody is welcome! 5620 Smetana Dr, Minnetonka, 55343

#FairviewHealth #PreventativeHealthcare #onecommunity

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