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Share with Al-Amaan Center a beautiful and amazing LAYLAT AL-QADR event!

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By the grace of Allah, last year, alhamdullilah, our Laylat Al-Qadr program was a truly magnificent one. It was a night we cannot forget as people shared in our prayers, duaa and our food. As our community rose in piety and support our community, then, we invite you all again to be with us and stand, pray and prostrate; share with us this night full of divinity and power during the Laylay al-Qadr event this year.

Please be there tomorrow night, Sunday, June 10. As we all gather to observe and take part in this beautiful and glorious night, worthy of more than a thousand months. As we stand side by side in prayers, as we break bread and share it with others. As we continue to experience the magnificence of Allah and the immense power and blessing of this amazing night, from Isha till dawn, inshaa Allah!

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Umrah Dec 2021
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