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Intensive Learning Session (Traditional Study of the Deen)

For the Students Of Knowledge. Mark your Calendar: On August 1st we will start InshaAllah the 2nd annual Dawra Ilmiya at Al-Amaan Center in collaboration with the Islamic University of Minnesota and taught by Sh Jamel Ben Ameur 10 days in the Garden of Knowledge (From Asr to Isha) Books to be covered InshaAllah:

1 - The Hundred Verse Poem on the Life of the Best of the Creation (pbuh) by Ibn Abi Al-Izz

2 - Treatise on the Servitude to Allah by Ibn Taymiyya

3 - The Removal of Blame from the Eminent Imams by Ibn Taymiyya (understanding the reasons behind the difference of opinions between the scholars)

4 - Letter of Ibn Al-Qayem on the Path to Blissfulness

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Umrah Dec 2021
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