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OPEN HOUSE: Jan 13, 2019 IUMN -Sh Jamel Lecture Series

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The Islamic University of Minnesota (IUMN) will be holding an open house at Al-Amaan Center for Sh Jamel Ben Ameur's upcoming series of lecture "THE LIGHTS THAT CHANGED THE COURSE OF THE UNIVERSE: An Insightful Study of the Life of the Prophet, pbuh (The Makkan Period)."

Starting January 20, 2019, every Sunday, at 4-9 pm, Sh Jamel will be holding a series of lecture about the life of the Prophet, pbuh.

The topics that will be included are:

1. Study of the way the Quran molded minds and souls.

2. Study of the characteristics that help in shaping one's soul in today's word.

3. Study of the way the Prophet (pbuh) taught the companion to guided guides

Please attend the open house at Al-Amaan Center, January 13, 2019, Sunday at 5pm. For more info about this lecture series, please:

call - 651.368.9331

To register online:*

*Note: as of this writing, online registration for this course is not yet available. Please try to email the university to inquire about this lecture at the contact info above or find more during the open house at Al-Amaan Center on January 13, 2019.

For directions to Al-Amaan Center, please click here>

We hope to see you all there both at the open house and at the start of the lecture, January 13, 2019, InshaAllah!

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