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ISLAM DAY @Al-Amaan Center

Islam Day @ Al-Amaan Center, Come and be inspired. Be prepared for Ramadan! April 20, 2019, 12-6pm

Are you eager to build the love of Allah (swt) in preparation for Ramadan? Attend an afternoon of joint lectures and workshops by visiting Sh Mamdouh Moustafa Mahmoud أبو وائل and Sh Jamel Ben Ameur Saturday, April 20th at Al-Amaan Center in collaboration with Building Blocks of Islam

Cost is none Register here: Topic list for each track can be found here: This is the beginning of an endeavor to continue, inshaa Allah, every third Saturday of the month.

April 20, 2019 Schedule:

11:30 am – Meet & Greet

“Essentials of the Deen” track: 12 pm | Q/A at 12:30 pm

Workshop 1: 1:00 pm – What is essential in your mind? Let’s put it together to help set priorities right.

“Family & Community” track: 2:00 pm | Q/A at 2:30 pm

Workshop 2: 3:00 pm – What is the role of Family and Community in the Big Picture? Are you clear about your role, regardless of various life situations?

“Youth & Young Adults” track: 4:00 pm | Q/A at 4:30 pm

Workshop 3: 5:00 pm – Identity Crisis is real, but once beyond it, how to get set up for success in the sake of Allah (swt).

Limited seating, about 20 seats left. For more information, please contact Br Mashood Yunus

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