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Register for the IUMN Classes @Al-Amaan Center, starts Apr 21, 2019

Interested in this class? Please email IUMN for more info. Click here

Please join Sh Jamel in his next set of classes "LEARNING THE SULUK FROM THE EMINENT SALAF (A Study of Wise Quotes & Sayings of Imam Sofyen Al-Thawri)" This a 2-week class starting April 21, 2019, every Sunday, from 4-9 pm for at Al-Amaan Center.

The Principal Themes:

1. Study a concrete example of following the footsteps of the Prophet (PBUH)

2. Revive the true spirit of the Salaf

3. Learn the way, a life that can be dedicated to Allah

4. Learn the path to the purification of the soul

To register online: For more info, please email: or call 651.368.9331. This will be held at Al-Amaan Center.

For directions, please click here>

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