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UMRAH 2020

Umrah 2020 package from Al-Amaan Center + Dar El Salam Travel

Al-Amaan Center presents Umrah with Dar El Salam Travel (DST)January 22nd - February 1st, 2019

Led by Sh Jamel Ben Ameur PhD. 4 nights in Madinah & 5 nights in Makkah. The aim of the journey Umrah is to be, inshaaAllah, a Spiritual Retreat, with the goal and focus of Enhancing Humility and Gratitude to Allah (swt).

Program will include, inshaaAllah: - An individual guide and daily program of remembrance and worship in Madinah and Makkah - Planned daily reflections on enhancing humility and gratitude to Allah (swt), in Halaqa form and/or one-on-one - Sharing feedback during the reflections on the individual experience along the spiritual enhancement progress

Objectives: - Strengthening one’s connection with Allah (swt) - Understanding the importance of Tazkiya in one’s life - Working on having one’s vision and objectives of life aligned with the way of the ultimate truth

2020 9 days package:


4 nights - Movenpick Madinah

5 nights -Swissotel Makkah


Quad Room (family only) - $2295

Triple Room - $2395

Double Room - $2495


Outbound - Chicago to Madinah via Istanbul

return - Jeddah to Chicago via Istanbul

For more information, please email: or call: 763.639.5244 May Allah (swt) write for us all to convey our salaam and visit our dear, beloved Prophet (pbuh), the Mercy to All the Worlds.

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