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Jazakum Allahu Khairan Katheera! MashaaAllah, so many respected brothers and sisters joined in the Laylat al-Qadr program last Saturday. Proper appreciation for this outpouring of support cannot be detailed in words. May Allah (swt) accept from us all our worship.

We truly appreciated that our amazing community followed the instructions from masjid volunteers and abided by covid-19 guidelines to ensure the masjid was a safe place for all worshipers. Alhamdulillah for our older youth who attended with their sweet smiles, shining faces and generous hearts. We greatly look forward to when our younger youth will once again be able to attend these special events too.

We are deeply thankful for each penny given toward the effort to keep Al-Amaan Center thriving in the days to come. We truly believe when you reach in to donate, not only is there a tangible/physical effect, but that Allah (swt) actually receives your gift. He (being above all comparison) "takes" your donation, multiplies the provision and blessings in your life, and rewards you in its multiples. For anyone unable to give financially, He rewards the incredible intention immensely. Alhamdulilah for The Most Merciful One's amazing attributes, Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, and for the gift of His guidance.

May Allah (swt) help us all continue the hard work in all our deeds and in continuing a strong pace of worship that keeps growing with each coming Ramadan and each additional day. May He reward everyone who gave or wished to give for each takbeera done in the Masjid, every letter of Quran recited, taught and learned, every duaa made, and every piece of knowledge shared in all the days to come. Alhamdulillah, for the precious remaining opportunities...

It is the 29th Night of Ramadan tonight, which is our Khatm al-Quran event. The program is as follows: 1. Taraweeh after Isha Prayer 2. Celebrating the Completion of Recitation of the Quran with special Khatm al-Quran Duaa with Sh Jamel Ben Ameur PhD InshaaAllah this will be live streamed on Zoom, Facebook and Youtube. If you are attending masjid in-person (please bring your own rug, mask & abide by covid-19 policy & procedures) Masjid capacity is 25% so only adults and youth aged 14+ will be admitted. We apologize, but we cannot at this time admit children aged 13 and younger. We appreciate your understanding. Jazakum Allahu Khaira.


Umrah Dec 2021
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