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Registration for the Al-Amaan Center's Weekend Islamic School Now Open

AlHamdulillah, the registration for the Al-Amaan Center's Weekend Islamic School 2022/2023 is now open.

We will have an Open House on Saturday 27th August and Sunday 28th August 28th from 11:30 AM till 2:00 PM (Dhuhr).

We would like new, existing, and wait-list parents to come in to register your child or children in-person even if you've already registered using our link:

School will begin on Saturday, 10th September at 10:15 AM inshaaAllah

Al-Tawheed & Al-Hikmah Institutes:

(Islamic studies [Aqeedah, Akhlaq, and Worship], Arabic and Quran)

Comprehensive Quran Program

(Ijaza, Ulum Al-Quran, and Tafseer)

Youth Mahad

(Aqeedah, Akhlaq, and Fiqh)

All school programs are supervised by Sh Jamel Ben Ameur Phd.

Monthly School Fees are:

1-2 children: $70.00 each child for only Al-Tawheed School on Saturdays

3 or more children: $60.00 each child

Both Al-Tawheed & Al-Hikmah Institute (Saturday & Sunday Schools): $100 per child

Sponsor a child for a whole year for $840


For more information and to make sure you are signed up, please contact Br Kashan: 952-228-3214

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