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Khatm al-Qur'an

Updated: Apr 19

Alhamdulillah, for the precious remaining opportunities...

29th Night of Ramadan: Khatm al-Quran

( Wednesday, April 19th )

1. Isha Prayer

2. Taraweeh after Isha, then Celebrating the Completion of Recitation of the Quran with special Khatm al-Quran Duaa with Sh Jamel Ben Ameur

If you missed our annual Masjid Fundraising, it's still not too late!

We kindly invite you to contribute using any of the following donation options:

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With your contribution, may it be written for you the reward of helping facilitate the utterance of each letter of the Quran, the glorification and celebrating the praises of Allah (swt), and the ruku’ and sujood of every congregant at Al-Amaan Center.

May this be a never-ending and thoroughly multiplied source of reward on your record.

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