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Our hearts are filled with gratitude. We can't thank you enough!

We witnessed last night and as dawn broke this morning, the amazing presence of Allah (swt) in the Al-Amaan community, Alhamdullilah!

Our celebration of a much different Laylat al-Qadr this Ramadan, made us realize that no matter what crisis we go through, the Al-Amaan community is strong! Thank you for your outpouring support - even if your devices run out of battery, you stayed connected with us via all our social platforms, making duaa, prostrating, offering praises and celebrating with us each and every contribution made by every member and others who joined us from our bigger global community! Even if you nearly missed suhoor, when time seems not to matter, as the Sheikh dedicated a moment and lingered a bit longer to express how we are thankful for the blessings we have been granted, for the great show of unity and piety of a community - so far away but so close virtually; for the opportunity of being together (in the most unusual way) in celebrating the magnificence of the night and the power of the Great One.

Thank you to all the volunteers and everyone who offered sadaqa in the name of Allah for our community; who made our special Laylat al-Qadr program possible and the fundraising event, a huge success. Up until now, there is a constant stream of donations and pledges for the community, alhamdullilah!

As you virtually celebrated the most holy night of Laylat al-Qadr with us, you strongly affirmed that there is nothing that will separate us from our deen, our sincerity and deep devotion to Allah (swt). This Laylat al-Qadr proved to be different and will hold a special place in our hearts. We are honored and humbled. May all the baraka in this world be granted to all of you and the hereafter! Here's looking forward to another amazing celebration with you in the next, inshaAllah!

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Umrah Dec 2021
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