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Statement on the recent events in Minneapolis

It is challenging to cope easily when we witness injustice as with the recent murder in Minneapolis. As a general rule, Al-Amaan Center steers clear of commenting with regards to difficult circumstances such as these. There would be no way to do every one of them justice, as they seem to occur when we look in any which direction around us, and on a global scale ... whether jogging in the street or at the hands of oppressors in far away lands.

Brutality and transgression, particularly that which is specific to those of us of color, are abhorred in all forms and always. May Allah (swt) help our united body heal from this injustice. May He help us all stand firm against transgression. May He help us act as just citizens by voicing our opposition responsibly, without trespassing bounds, damaging property, or jeopardizing the safety of others.

Please stay above the fray and steer clear of any harmful action. Our hearts are hurting along with those of our valued youth, and every member of our community. Please keep them intact by staying away from the epicenter and remaining safe. #onecommunity

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Umrah Dec 2021
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