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Vote for Al-Amaan Center in the Ramadan 2020 Digital Media Awards

Please take under 5 minutes to enter Al-Amaan Center in the Ramadan 2020 Digital Media Awards: so that we may share with the greater community our vision and mission to elevate the spirit of goodness; to live, share and teach a dynamic way of Islam rooted in mercy, peace and fairness.

Please click this URL: and copy/paste the following links below into the corresponding categories on the online form before June 6th.

~Best Ramadan content~ Al-Amaan Center + socials: FB/IG/Twitter: @alamaancenter YouTube: ~Best Ramadan Video Series~ Al-Amaan Center Facebook - YouTube:… ~Best Community Building Programs~ Al-Amaan Center Halaqa Livestream programs on YouTube - Finding the Smile of the Heart in The Time of Trials Series:… Virtual Jumuah/Khutba (YouTube):… Ramadan Daily challenge: on Facebook, Twitter and IG ~Best Crowdfunding Video~ Al-Amaan Center: #letthelightshine: ~Best Children’s Programming~ Al-Amaan Center - E-kids Corner:…/online-kids-corner-during-ramadan ~Best Night of Power Broadcast~ Al-Amaan Center: ~Best Charity Sector Campaign/Video~ Campaign: ~Best LIVE content~ YouTube: Facebook: If there is a category listed on the form for which we have no entry listed above, please just leave that category blank.

Jazakum Allahu Khaira!

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