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Sign up for Al-Amaan Center's "Learn Qur'an" Fall Classes

Sign up now, click here!

This is a 9 month long program and the detailed requirements are as follows:

1 - Class duration is Mid September 2017 program till May 2018.

2 - Students must attend weekly 80 minutes class on Saturdays between 10 AM and 11:50 PM

3 - Students will learn grammar, vocabulary and practice these concepts with 50 verses of Quranic text, Ahaadith, Salat and Dua

4 - Students should be able to read Quranic Arabic with comfort. Speed is not important

Students should be able to write basic Arabic or be willing to work on a class ON SUNDAYs to learn writing Arabic

5 - Program fee information will be shared soon

6 - You should be able to understand English language as that is the medium of communication in the class

Hurry, limited seats are available. To sign up, please click here>

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