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Eid prayer with Al-Amaan Center Friday 21st April 2023

Eid prayer with Al-Amaan Center

Friday 21st April 2023

Braemar Field

7509 Ikola Way Edina, MN 55439

Takbeerat - 6:45am

Salah - 7:00am

Please carpool as there will be limited parking spots at Braemar Field.

Al-Amaan Center is a 5 minute drive from Braemar Field, please feel free to park at the masjid and carpool from there.

Bring a prayer mat for your comfort

InshaaAllah, there will only be one Jumuah on Friday at Al-Amaan Center (English Khutbah at 1:15pm)

Eid Salah

2 Rakaat: in each rakaa, recitation of Al Fatiha and one Surah.

First Rakaa: say 7 Takbeerat before recitation of Al Fatiha.

Second Rakaa: 5 Takbeerat before recitation

Then, listen to the Eid Khutba for an inspiring reflection from Sh Jamel Ben Ameur PhD

May Allah swt accept our fasts, our good deeds, our prayers, our duaa and our tears, our qiyam, make us from among the righteous, and grant us the honor and privilege of living to see another Ramadan, inshaaAllah

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