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RAMADAN 2020 Workshop

Al-Amaan Center & the Islam Day Team presents Ramadan 2020 Workshop: Saturday, 04.18.20 from 1:45 - 4:00 pm.

Al-Amaan Center and the Islam Day Team is working on how to best give spiritual support to our community during these challenging times.

This  workshop aims to address questions we all have in general, as well as those related to this upcoming Ramadan. Whether traditional congregational Taraweeh in the masjid will be possible to observe (inshaaAllah Ta'ala), or if web streaming and praying at home is necessary, the sincere hope is to have us all feel connected with the entire Umma and the learned ones - to live, inshaaAllah, the great spiritual ambiance of Ramadan.

We might not be fully aware of some of the needs present in our community. To better understand these needs, please relay to us: How Al-Amaan Center and the Islam Day team can help you prepare for and successfully fulfill Ramadan.

Please click hereto submit all your questions and concerns for us all to better prepare for Ramadan 2020. 

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