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Join Al-Amaan Center for #thelast10nights: A virtual program

Collect reward, reap blessings, get nearer to Allah. For more Light to shine and more Mercy to spread during our "Nights of Power" (Last 10 Nights) at Al-Amaan Center.

The Last 10 Nights of Ramadan will be virtually observed at Al-Amaan Center, inshaAllah. It starts on the 21st night of Ramadan, Wednesday, May 13, 2020. We have especially tailored a program at this time of widespread health crisis, that enables us to connect online and keep our blessed rituals, inshaAllah. Please be guided accordingly:

Nights 21st - 26th and night of the 28th (May 13 - 18 and May 20):

1 Taraweeh live streamed after Isha: 10 Rakaas, Khatira after first 4 Rakaas

2 Qiyam Al Layl at home: Take this opportunity to pray, ponder, reflect and beseech the All-Hearing Allah (swt),

"Who sees you when you arise, and your movement among those who prostrate. For it is He Who hears and knows all things.” (26: 218-220).

Night of 27th, Laylat al-Qadr (May 19)

Starting 22:45 pm

1 Isha Prayer live streamed, followed by Al-Amaan Center Annual Fundraising

2 Taraweeh: 4 Rakaas Starting 2:00 am

3 Qiyam Al Layl: 7 Rakaas followed by Witr prayer and special Duaa for Laylat al-Qadr.

Night of the 29th (May 21)

1 Taraweeh after Isha

2 Celebration of the Completion of the Holy Qur’an with the Duaa of Khatm al-Qur’an.

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